About Us

Hi Mama!

We are a couple which went through pregnancy together where we experienced the troubles of discomfort and physical pain which not only caused lack of sleep but also immense stress and emotional outbreaks for both of us.

We spent months on looking for all kinds of pregnancy accessories, pregnancy pillows, maternity bras and so on, which caused additional stress and in the end a lot of money.

After giving birth to a wonderful child, we decided to make being pregnant for future mothers not such a pain in the a**.

For this reason we founded Cosymama. Here at Cosymama we select the products which we think are the ones that actually help and showed us the bright sides of being pregnant and offer them on our website to save you from spending days, weeks or months looking for the pregnancy accessories you need.

Currently we offer a variety of Pregnancy Pillows, Maternity Bras and Maternity Belts. We are working on extending our range of products in near future.

In case you have any questions, concerns or happy moments to share with us, feel free to contact us at yourfriends@cosymama.com ❤️

The Cosymama Couple